Gray/Brown Cotswold Wool Roving


Gray/Brown Cotswold Roving. This is a rare, medium weight wool processed at Zeilinger Wool Mill in Michigan. Each braid is approximately 4 ounces.

Here is what The Livestock Conservancy has to say about Cotswold Sheep:

"The Cotswold is a longwool sheep breed developed on the Cotswold Hills in the west of England. Sheep have been known in this region since the time of the Roman conquest 2,000 years ago, and the Cotswold breed may descend in part from the white sheep brought to England by the Romans.

Cotswold fleece hangs in locks, and the fibers have a lustrous, silky sheen. A heavy forelock falling over the face is a characteristic of the breed. The fleece has a seven to thirteen inch staple length and weighs thirteen to fifteen pounds. Fiber diameter ranges from 33-42 microns."

Thanks for supporting our farm and these rare sheep!

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