Dark Grey Churro Wool Yarn


Dark Grey Churro Bulky Weight Yarn. This is a very coarse yarn which makes it perfect for rug making.

Here is what the Livestock Conservancy says about Navajo Churro Sheep:

"Navajo-Churros have a double-coated fleece that weighs four to six pounds. The fine, soft inner coat provides insulation, and the long, coarse outer coat protects the inner coat from dust and dirt while repelling rain and snow. The fleece is low in grease, which makes it easy to process. Navajo-Churro sheep are found in several colors, including white, silver, blue, brown, red, black, and spotted. Patterns such as badger face are common. This range of hues is valued by wool crafters and sheep breeders alike. The wool of the Navajo-Churro is primarily considered a carpet wool and it is often used for rug weaving."

Skeins are approximately 3-5 ounces.

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