Harvesting the blessings from our sheep, alpacas and pastured pigs.

Hi and welcome to Autumn Creek Ranch on Etsy! My name is Amy and along with my husband, Steve and 18 children, we farm a beautiful piece of land in the Pacific Northwest.

About 12 years ago, we realized that we were not eating as we should. We read books like "Nourishing Traditions" and "The Makers Diet" which convinced us that a whole foods diet was best. "The Makers Diet" recommended goat's milk as an excellent addition to this kind of eating plan.

At the time we owned an 8 acre piece of property in New Mexico (my husband was a helicopter pilot in the Air Force which is why we lived in New Mexico) which had a huge barn. Nether my husband or I had any experience with farming!! But, we decided to jump in and get dairy goats! And from there the adventure has just continued...

As we started farming, we found that we loved it! We now raise three breeds of sheep, alpacas, Great Pyrenees, rare breeds of pigs and a plethora of chickens.

My soap making journey began along the same time as we had extra goats milk. Over time we have added organic and wildcrafted essential oils, our pastured lard, organic carrier oils, probiotic milk kefir and clay for a truly 100% natural soap.

When they are not trying to jump fences, our animals bring us great joy. We love farming and cannot imagine life without our critters.

Come visit our farm website at www.autumncreekranch-wa.com

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